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Terms and Conditions

Conference Room Booking and Access Policy


The Conference Halls in the Community Centres are avaliable from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 till 18:00.

Booking function, available at Community Centre web-site enables users to book conference room in any Community Centre, plan and implement various informational-educational activities and events aiming at strengthening the civic engagement. 
Mentioned facility can be used by:

  • Representatives of local self-government
  • Representatives of public institutions
  • Local and neighboring village population
  • Legal entities of private or public law

Facility must not be used by Political parties and individuals/legal entities for political agitation, religious and/or other type of indoctrination.


Standard Procedure for Conducting Event at Community Centre

Any individual, willing to use the facility for holding the event, is obliged to book the room at least 2 business day prior to the event through providing necessary information in booking template.

Applicants, willing to use conference room space are obliged to indicate the date, time, duration, issue of the event as well as audio-visual equipment requirement. 
Booking the facility and later not using it, herewith failing to inform the Community Centre Manager-Operator about it at least 1 business day prior of scheduled event, will result in denial of further access to the meeting space for 10 business days.


Responsibility and Obligations

By using Community Centre conference room, applicant takes the following obligations:

  • Events/activities, carried out in conference room will not contradict to the agreement or legislation. 
  • Participation in events and activities held at Community Centre will be voluntary. 
  • Event participants will not engage in illegal activity that endangers the safety, life, health or property of third party and Community Centre employees. Such violation will result in denial of further access to the conference room for this person/group of persons. 
  • Applicants and users are prohibited from using logos, identification information or any other information connected to European Union, Community Centre and Public Service Development Agency. 
  • Applicant assumes responsibility for any damage to the building, equipment and other resources caused as a result of the event. The user assumes financial responsibility for any damage. 
  • The group or individual organizing event in the conference room has the responsibility to invite participants/attendees and ensure outreach as appropriate


Community Centre Manager-Operator:

  • Keeps the record of conference room booking requests and usage. 
  • Allocates facility, time and confirms the booking request. 
  • Records the condition of the conference room and the equipment before and after the event. 
  • Ensures equal opportunities and fair approach. 
  • Monitors the compliance of conducted activities with the purpose and aim of Community Centre. 
  • Ensures transparency in relation to planned activities. 
  • Manager-Operator is obliged to immediately inform project director about the threats that might be imposed to persons or property.